The 2018 Midterms Explained

SNAP18 is a portal to the US 2018 midterm elections, a snapshot…

Beyond the portraits of candidates and voters, we’re looking for insight. The US is at a critical juncture. Our democracy is on shifting ground. No one knows which way it’s going but the stakes are huge. Our current issues, the stability of the economy, the need for a living wage, climate change, the regulation of guns are not just important, they’re deal-breakers for many. In these moments when consensus is hard won, information matters and the participation of ordinary people matters. Yet in 2016 45% of eligible voters chose not to vote. What will happen this year? Will voters stand up and be counted and what will they stand for? Mainstream media locates us on a daily basis but we’re looking for something else - we’re looking for the bigger picture of what ordinary people think is ultimately important as America journeys through the sea change of 2018.

This midterm election is already distinctive and without equal.

A record number of first time candidates, many women and many liberals, ordinary citizens with little or no political experience are venturing out of private life and into the public fray. They’re not waiting for someone else to run, they’re doing it themselves. They’re driven to fill a gap. What is that gap? Who are these first time candidates and what’s making them run? Do they have a chance to win and can they either hold or break the party majority this year?

Then are the Millennials (ages 18 - 34). This year they’ll be the nation’s largest voting block (75 million), an incredible one third of total US eligible voters.

Millennnials lean progressive and they have the numbers to influence election outcomes. Yet traditionally most young people do not vote in midterm elections. Will they vote this year? Do they believe their vote can make a difference? 

Finally, there’s a whopping 45% of Americans who didn’t vote at all in 2016. We want to know why, and whether they’ll show up for the midterms.

SNAP2018 provides a non-partisan original mix of interviews with candidates and voters, extensive voter data and an interactive format that invites the user to weigh in and locate where we’re at as we head to the 2018 midterm elections.