We spoke to some non-voters and here's what they had to say...



“I really dislike politicians and the games that get played… I don’t like the back and forth bashing, I don’t like the separation between the Democrats and Republicans, how I have to choose one side or the other…

 I really do see the good in a lot of social programs … but I also agree with those being so finely tuned that I have to spend the least amount of money on taxes. So, I can be on both sides of the coin.

Fiscally conservative and socially liberal does that describe you? 

Yeah, that definitely describes me. I think I’m pragmatic.

What does that mean?

…in my opinion a big one for us was the bailouts of the banks. A lot of Democrats think, all right you’re bailing out the banks, that money should go to social programs, but Republicans might have said, its good you got to keep them afloat, keep the rich people afloat, but in reality it’s like if you let the banks go bust, everybody goes bankrupt. So that decision by Henry Paulson was not political, it was get the right thing done.

 Have you ever voted in an election? 

No. I don’t plan to vote in this one. That doesn’t mean I won’t.

What might change your mind? Would it be an issue, would it be a candidate why didn’t you vote in 2016, for example did you not like the candidates? 

Yeah, yeah, I really thought that they were both political poison. I thought that they were both highly influenced by their parties and not by the greater good. Maybe it’s just when you get to that level, of course, because the system is such…how should I say, like a swamp… I think they were both horrible choices and that there are far more qualified people in this United States to become president than them. I saw that and it was at a very busy time of my life so I said I’m not going to choose one side or the other because I hate both of them.

They don’t represent you…

Not at all. I just stayed out of it.

Half the population agreed with you…45% of the people did not vote.

 I think we should all be required to vote…I shouldn’t have the choice because I might choose not to.

 What’s the danger if you choose not to?

You have a lot of Republicans and Democrats who are highly biased parties having more weight in the decisions. They shouldn’t have that much weight in decisions.

 Do you think your vote would matter? 

I think it does matter because me voting could be my kid’s vote, could be my grandkid’s vote, my friend’s vote. Especially if I have influence among my peers, will it matter? Sure. And it’s also the attitude of, if everybody thought their vote mattered, then everybody’s vote matters.”




“I’m not registered to vote right now but I could be.

Did you vote in 2016?

I didn’t. I voted for president when Obama went the first time but I haven’t voted since then. I’m a Democrat not a Republican, I felt like he was...the best fit at the time. But now I’m not really sure the whole presidency, I don’t really want Trump in there ...I’ve never really been much into politics. It’s not on my radar...I feel like no matter what, its only one vote so my vote wouldn’t determine who is going to win... Living out here, its pretty expensive, pretty much minimum wage. I just got a dollar raise but it’s hard to survive out here living on minimum wage. I’m about to have a baby... I worry about everything: school, putting him through college. I’m lucky because I have money saved right now so I’m good for a little while but it’s not going to last. Job security can go pretty fast.”


Katrina & Sarina


Sarina: “The last election I actually didn’t vote... I just had the idea that everyone was voting and my vote wouldn’t matter too much...

Katrina: Since the whole Electoral College would end up voting for it anyway?

Sarina: Kind of. I just didn’t think one person really makes a difference.

Katrina: I think that’s how many people feel, currently. At the end of the day a lot of people feel like it’s not a direct democracy and usually it’s the people who are in power already that would sway votes anyway, yeah...The popular vote is just a statistic to show what the people would want, (but) ultimately its what the electoral college would want...”




“I’m registered in Pennsylvania and I’m not going to be able to make it home for the election and I don’t have an absentee ballot. Not really sure what the process is to get one…

Do you feel like there’s anything at stake in this election?

I don’t know if it’s really going to change anything. I think the Senate going to stay Republican and the House might flip to Democrat so I don’t know how much that’s going to change anything.

One vote doesn’t make a difference?


Do you feel like it’s not really worth your time?





“I don’t plan on voting because I feel like the system is kind of flawed and I feel like it doesn’t properly represent myself or my family or my friends.

I feel like the system itself is set up so that whoever has the right drive or knows the right people they can still win regardless of our body voting. I mean every time I feel like there’s someone that’s going to do something for us it never happens or some kind of fall happens in the system that allows the person who we absolutely don’t want and that person ends up in power.

As a country, we, if I’m not mistaken, are still going into more debt and I feel like there’s still hints of war... America’ s been number one but we’re slowly losing our spot.”