The 2018 Midterms Explained




Lise Zumwalt
Lise Zumwalt, is a veteran producer/writer/director/editor of over 50 documentary films for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TELEVISION, PBS, WNET, BBC, NBC, THE HISTORY CHANNEL and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL on series including NATURE, NOVA, WIDE ANGLE, WHO CARES ABOUT GIRLS, AMERICAN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTS & LOCKDOWN and has won 16 awards for her work. Her projects include the award-winning indie doc, “CRAZY” as well as political campaigns and non-profit image and advocacy campaigns. In addition to SNAP, Lise is a founding partner on A BAND OF VOTERS, a get out the vote effort for Millennials for the 2018 midterm elections.


Jenny Alexander
Jenny Alexander is owner/producer of Activevista Media that focuses on immigration stories including DACA, immigrant detention and the effects of immigration policy on families. She is also a Senior Producer for Northern Light Productions in Boston.


Katherine Wells
Katherine Wells is the owner/founder of WellsDigital, a consultancy based in Brooklyn, NY.  She has spent 20+ years leading web design and development teams for major media companies such as A&E, NBC Universal (, Warner Music Group, Sony Pictures Television & HARPO Productions, and Getty Images (  She is an Executive Producer for 91 East Productions, and is an active member of WICT-NY and NYWIFT, and is an advisory board member of


Maryanne Galvin - Producer/Camera for Jimmy Tingle short
Maryanne Galvin is a practicing forensic psychologist and prolific independent documentary filmmaker who has produced, shot and edited 15 films in almost as many years. Maryanne’s films have a social justice focus and explore everything from suicide to food rescue to wildlife on shared landscapes to a psychologist’s take on terror. Her films appear regularly in film festivals and are distributed widely.

Emmy Scharlatt — Producer/Camera for man on the street interviews
Independent award-winning Director/Producer

Darcy Auguste — Producer/Camera for man on the street interviews
Social media maverick, human character explorer

Julia Sarantis — Producer/Camera for man on the street interviews
Writer at Kulturehub


Joey Forsyte — DP man on the street interviews
Joey’s work includes 50 feature films, high-end corporate pieces for BMW, Museum of Modern Art and DesignworksUSA. As a cinematographer, Forsyte has filmed political spots for candidates like Hillary Clinton and filmed throughout California’s underserved communities for the California Endowment. Joey is the creator and founder of A BAND OF VOTERS, a get out the vote effort for youth.

Rob Green — DP for Laurie Pohutsky short
Rob Green has 20 years of experience in documentary and non-fiction television and is the owner/producer of Leadfoot Films.